The Happy Lecture (VOD)
  ONLY ON VOD !  ( out of stock on DVD)   (If you get Happy Lecture in a "package", you will receive a personal code to watch the lecture online)   David Stone last crazy and hilarious magic lecture.  En ... (Read More)
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Coin Magic vol.1
Coin Magic - Vol. 1 by David Stone - DVD A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Nine full routines you can use in real-world and professional conditions. More than 15 basic techniques!Multiple Awards winner ( D ... (Read More)
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Coin Magic Vol.2 - DVD or VOD
The French magician David Stone is back... with a progressive lesson in Coin Magic and 9 brand new routines, including one of the wildest « Flurry » routine ever made and 25 moves and sleights you can do anywhere, in any stand-up conditions. ... (Read More)
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Quit Smoking DVD or VOD
David Stone's unlit cigarette routine  fully explained  on DVD or VOD !   Quit Smoking The magician borrows a pack of cigarettes and after a succession of flash vanishes and reappearances, causes the entire pack to completel ... (Read More)
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Close-Up : The Real Secrets of Magic
  Get your signed copy directly from David!   Become a First-Rate Close-Up Performer with this indispensable Guide.  A Goldmine of Hints for the Pros  The real secrets of professional magicia ... (Read More)
From 29,90 €
Close-up: Los verdaderos secretos de la magia
¡El best-seller de David Stone sobre la magia de cerca profesional por fin en español!    ¡La guía indispensable para convertirte en un artista de primera!   Una mina de oro de consejos para los pros   ¡ ... (Read More)
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You have to watch this effect LIVE in lecture to believe it. Just incredible. It's even better than what you see in the trailer !   After the amazing success of ZENith, world renowned magician David Stone & underground inventor ... (Read More)
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Splash bottle Gimmick + Online explanations
Splash Bottle is the incredible gimmick created by Damien Vappereau and Jean Mark.   David STONE uses Splash Bottle in his professional repertoire in many different ways as a running gag. It has earned him repeated standing ova ... (Read More)
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From far, David 's best seller ! TOOL is much more than a gimmick : It’s a real tool that will allow you to perform more than 11 routines completely different and easy to do !   Watch over 30 routines using TOOL here ... (Read More)
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David's last Best-seller!   NEW: You already have the original product ? You can order refill with the "6 gimmicks package" !   David Stone is back with the most amazing vers ... (Read More)
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The M case + Online Instructions
The famous M'Case created by Michael Chatelain and used by David Stone in his new lecture !   THE 100% AUTOMATIC CARD CASE GIMMICK!! Available on RED only  VISIBLY CHANGE ANY CARD, BILL OR BUSINESS CARD. YOU CAN EVEN LET T ... (Read More)
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Cell - Signed Card in Cell Phone
In Collaboration with Mickael Chatelain !   NEW!  Get the refill 3 gimmicks package if you already own the original DVD !   Signed card in your cell phone!  Cell is a gimmick that allows you to produce ... (Read More)
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Hologram is just amaaaaaazing!   The spectator freely chooses a card that is "marked" on the back with a yellow sticker. You clearly lose the card in the deck and shuffle. Then you explain that you are going to make the card ... (Read More)
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  This is David's official website, so take advantage of some package deals !   You can choose between different deals: 49 €, 55€, 75 € or 89 €, order your favorite tricks and here we go!   Please, specify the ... (Read More)
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